Happy Tax Season!

I get LOTS of questions this time of year regarding taxes from both Au Pairs and Host Families, so here is some information that you might find useful.

First off, Cultural Care (including myself) cannot offer tax advice. What the company has done is prepared some general guidelines: TAX-information-2014.  There is also really helpful information to be found on your online accounts (search InfoSource for “taxes”).

While Cultural Care Au Pair is not able to provide specific tax information for each host family and au pair, the company suggests host families and au pairs speak with a local professional tax advisor of their choice or check the Internal Revenue Service website for definitive answers to any specific questions regarding taxation.

Additional information on au pair taxes can be found by going to www.irs.gov and entering the words “au pair” in the search box.

Cultural Care’s federal tax ID number is 20-2020345


Tuesday, 10 March 2015 4:49 PM


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